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In this first post I have added links to short articles on Medium written in the past few months. The topics range across an introduction to High Possibility Classrooms, inquiry-based learning, teaching code in schools, history and geography in the primary curriculum, teaching kindergarten, cyber safety, the importance of teacher planning and the place of Anzac Day. I have used the Medium app which is terrific for self publishing – it’s great for quickly getting your work out there.

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March 2015

High Possibility Classrooms in Kindergarten: is it really the hardest year to teach?


cyber safety
March 2015

A ‘friend’ by any other name:important cyber safety issues for students and teachers in the primary years


Updated March 2016

Geography is a distinct discipline: teaching the subject to primary school students creatively 


February 2015

Getting ready for Anzac Day in Australia: a school perspective


image of inquiry
February 2015

Planning hard to teach easy: using inquiry in history and geography


acara geog
January 2015

On Australia Day it’s appropriate to talk about teaching history and geography well in primary schools


January 2015

Everyone is a photographer


December 2014

Hour of code : an Australian teacher’s experience


November 2014

Inquiry-based approaches: the use of laptops make a difference in the middle years 


Optimized-The Shooting Protocol
November 2014

Are high schools lagging behind in technology integration: the case study of Kitty


Optimized-Latest HPC
October 2014

High Possibility Classrooms: what do exemplary teachers do when they integrate technology?